The art form known as ‘Dhokra’ that uses lost wax technique traces its origin to the Mohenjodaro Dancing Girl around 2500 BC. Largely prevalent in Chattisgarh, West Bengal and Orissa as Tribal Art, it is admired for its primeval simplicity and folk designs.

In Devrai Art Village, we have added a new dimension to this ancient lineage by creating a fusion of stone and brass- a technique never tried before. We believe in evolution of art and not its mere preservation in a museum like manner. After all a culture draws its sustenance both from being rooted and and growing organically.

The Rock Dhokra process first creates the shape of the end product in bees wax around an appropriately chosen rock. The rock is fused with molten brass in a high temperature kiln. This combination of the traditional Dhokra art with stone is a breakthrough that has never before been achieved. While overcoming the technical challenge is one thing – achieving the fusion requires just the right temperature conditions - visualizing a whole form around a simple rock needs a gifted eye. Devrai Rock Dhokra is patent pending process.

A visitor to Devrai Art Village can not only carry back home a unique piece of art but also get a glimpse of the process and interact with the craftsmen/artists at work.

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