Terracotta and Brass fusion process-

Terracotta and Brass fusion process-

On this vase of baked clay, floral patterns were created with wax. The whole thing was then covered with two layers of clay. After drying in the sun it was ready for casting. The moulds were fired and simultaneously Brass was melted in a Graphite crucible in another kiln. Later, after firing for about 5 to 6 hours when the mould was red hot, and the scrap brass had melted into a lava like liquid, it was poured into the moulds where it flowed into all the hollows replicating the wax design! The mould was broken the next day to take out this piece. (Terracotta is a tricky medium to work with in the Dhokra casting because of its propensity to break both during the firing and the mould breaking process.)

Each piece is unique because the mould has to be broken!
Break the moulds of your set patterns of thinking! Make your imagination turn real! Place an order for your desired idea and we shall strive to fulfill it!

PS Today happens to be our founder's birthday and she turns 60!

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