Shiva Buddha

Shiva Buddha
The similarity of the expression on the faces of the Buddha and Shiva is indeed intriguing in Indian Sculpture Art. It is equally fascinating to explore that the Buddha, a human being who refrained from talking about God later lands up being deified as one where as Shiva , a concept of divinity is given a human form! And his story unfolds the highest philosophical speculations in Indian thought! He is not just an individual God but has a whole family as well. The concept of Shiva Shakti explains the enigma of Purusha Prakriti of the Sankhya philosophy and also the Advaita Vedanta.Ganesha their son is perhaps a manifestation of the fertile imagination and faith of this ancient land. Jai ho, he is soon coming next week!

Our founder chairperson, is currently exploring this subject 'Imaging the Unimaginable' in Indian Art.

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