Shakuntala's ring !

Shakuntala's ring !
King Dushyant when he was lost in the forest fell in love with a 'Rishikanya' Shakuntala, the daughter of a forest dwelling sage. Later when he returned back to his kingdom, because of a curse he completely forgot about his wife who he had married in secrecy. Meanwhile Shakuntala has a baby boy who she names 'Bharat'. She decides to go to king Dushyant with the baby and remind him about his promise. When he fails to recollect, she shows him the ring he had given her. The king remembers everything and accepts Shakuntala as his wife. Later prince Bharat grows up to be a powerful monarch and it's after him that this country got the name 'Bharat'!

#devraiartvillage #jewellery #ring

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