Devrai, Garden Stories-74

Devrai, Garden Stories-74
Devrai Art Village

In the Indian tradition the process of creation of art has always been considered a 'sadhana' or a process of exploring the Divine. The journey inwards into the Self is imagined in different forms of the Divine - from the abstract to the most vivid, from the intangible to the tangible. It was a process of imaging the unimaginable where the artist lost his ego as a creator, where the experience of the creation of art was a meditation on the beauty of the creation of the Universe!
We are striving to emulate the same spirit at Devrai Art Village which began in 2008 with just 4 craftsmen from Gadchiroli sitting under this Umbar tree. The statue of Garuda, the vehicle of lord Vishnu inspired from a temple sculpture in Kathmandu, sits with folded hands. There is also a pic of a stone relic with a Shivalinga relief which has been placed under the tree. This was retrieved from the waters of the Krishna waters near Dhom dam where it was sfound submerged.

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