This little tortoise takes you to the realm of mythology where man tries to make sense of the unexplainable through stories.
'Amrit' was churned out of the oceans on a tortoise's back (Kurma Avatar of Vishnu). This massive effort required both the the 'Devas and the 'Danavs' to hold the two ends of the 'Vasuki' snake twirled around mount 'Sumeru'. What a beautiful metaphor to explain the the elemental churning using the conscious mind (Devas or the lighted ones) and the subconscious mind( Danavs representing the dark recesses of baser instincts)!

So if you keep this tortoise dipped in water as a conscious reminder to strive towards getting the 'Amrit' or the elixir of life, it turns into an auspicious totem for well being, health, wisdom and happiness...'
Available @Either OrPune and at the Devrai Art Village gallery in Panchgani

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